Teflon-PTFE DISP 33 聚四氟乙烯 PTFE原料

Teflon® PTFE DISP 33聚四氟乙烯DuPont Fluoropolymers产品阐明:DuPont™ Teflon ® PTFE DISP 33 is a milky white aqueous PTFE dispersion stabilized with a non-ionic surfactant. DISP 33 is typically used to coat woven glass cloth and has been especially formulated to provide void-free coatings with enhanced surface smoothness, adhesion, gloss and weldability. When properly processed, the PTFE resin in DISP 33 exhibits the superior properties typical of the fluoropolymer resin: retention ofproperties after service at 260 °C (500 °F), and useful properties at -240 °C (-400 °F).DISP 33 aqueous dispersion provides:enhanced surface smoothness, adhesion, gloss and weldabilityinertness to nearly all industrial chemicals and solventsstability at high temperaturesexcellent dielectric propertieslowest coefficient of friction of any solid materialexcellent weatherabilitynon-stick characteristicsTypical ApplicationsCoated woven fiber-glass fabric used in architectural, high-performance industrial, food processing and electronics applicationsImpregnated packing made from braided fibers for severe chemical and thermal serviceCast film for capacitor dielectrics or chemical barriersSurface coatings for metallic or other high-temperature substratesTeflon ® PTFE DISP 33 meets the requirements of ASTM D 4441-04, type II, grade 6, class A.单位: 公制 | 英制Properties加工办法材料视觉查找曲线数据购买地址 整体 材料状况 已商用:当时有用材料 1 Technical Datasheet (English)查找 UL 黄卡 DuPont FluoropolymersTeflon® PTFE 供货区域 北美洲拉丁美洲欧洲亚太区域 特性 低摩擦系数光泽,中抗溶剂性杰出粘结性耐化学性杰出耐气候影响功能杰出食物触摸的合规性无粘性用处 电气/电子使用领域非特定食物使用工业使用流延薄膜涂层使用织物涂料织物涂料组织评级 FDA 21 CFR 177.1550欧洲 10/1/2011 12:00:00 AM 外观 白色方式 涣散加工办法 浸渍涂布法流延薄膜 物理功能额定值单位制测验办法比重 — 22.22 ISO 12086, ASTM D4895– 31.52g/cm³ISO 8962, ASTM D4441pH值 –10.0 ASTM E70–10.0 ISO 1148固体含量 – % PTFE by weight –61%ASTM D4441–61%ISO 12086均匀颗粒尺度8.7E-6in内部办法充模剖析额定值单位制测验办法布络克菲尔德粘度 77°F25mPa·sASTM D219677°F25mPa·sISO 2555弥补信息额定值单位制测验办法Surfactant Content – based on PTFE solids –6.5%ISO 8962–6.5%ASTM D4441补白1经过这些链接您能够拜访供货商材料。咱们尽量确保及时更新材料;不过您能够从供货商处了解较新材料。2of Sintered Resin3at 60% solids 另:出售各种PC PBT 尼龙品牌塑胶质料 改性尼龙 另:出售PCTG 各类水口 价格面议 质量安稳品牌质料!!!财富热线:***/徐生地址:广东省东莞市樟木头塑胶质料商场一期V栋8-9号商铺公司网址:http://www.szblfsj.com